Ilya Beshevli

Primary Source

12" Vinyl, digital download

Pianist and composer Ilya Beshevli returns to Village Green with three-track EP ‘Primary Source’, to be released on April 21st 2017. ‘Primary Source’ sees Ilya Beshevli continue along the musical path forged with previous albums ‘Wanderer’ and ‘Night Forest’, both also released on Village Green. Following ‘Night Forest’, ‘Wanderer’ was an emotive, piano-led insight into the bustling, ever-changing inner city life - specifically Moscow, where the musician now resides. The album was also in part influenced by the contrasting escapism, that momentary departure from the noise and distractions of a city can bring. Ilya's beautiful compositions have been compared to that of Yann Tiersen and Ludovico Einaudi, but with his own distinctly Siberian take on the modern classical genre.  

On ‘Primary Source’, Beshevli's melodic and emotive style is intensified by the Babelsberg Orchestra, conducted and orchestrated by fellow composer and label-mate Matt Dunkley. Opening track ‘Morning Sun’ is structured around repeating broken chords and a cascading piano melody, calling to mind the new dawn that the track’s title alludes to. ‘Tangled Thoughts’, meanwhile, offers a more pensive mood with swells of rising strings and an increasingly insistent piano motif. The EP closes with ‘Primary Source’ – a more subdued affair, exhibiting the development of the kind of tantalising melody Beshevli has become so proficient at creating. The EP will be released as a 12” vinyl and will also be available as a digital download.